Impossible God

The Passion Play

Impossible God is a one-man passion play written by Frank Topping and performed by Mark Topping.

Impossible God recreates the world of those who witnessed the passion. Palestine AD32 is brought to life as numerous characters relive their experience of the events.

Impossible God is a powerful exploration of the historical events at the heart of the Christian faith. This inspiring one-man play challenges us to look again at Jesus of Nazareth and consider the meaning of his life, death and resurrection.

Mark Topping is a professional actor who has toured England, Wales and Ireland for five years performing as John Wesley.

He has appeared as John Wesley on BBC TV’s Songs of Praise and Flog It! In 2008 he was Che Guevara at the King’s Theatre in Gloucester.

The devotional book ‘An Impossible God’ was written and adapted for the stage by author, actor, broadcaster and Methodist minister, Frank Topping.

Booking Information

To have an Impossible God event at your church costs £300 + travel expenses (average £90).

To book Impossible God contact Mark Topping...

Telephone: 01594 840 086

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See Mark Topping performing as John Wesley

Impossible God DVD Information

Impossible God DVD available: £14 inc. P&P


'Raw lyrical, relevant: a one-man Passion play to reckon with… this voice speaks into the soul, re-creating a balmy night in Jerusalem 2000 years ago. Word made flesh through theatre.'
The Times.

'It is rare to see acting of this quality. I would recommend it to any church.'
Rev. Graham Peacock.

'Be prepared to be moved and challenged.'
Rev. Helen Hoe.

'You made us feel we were there.'
Rev. Malcolm Peach.

'Unforgettable... a very professional and imaginative performance.'
Joan Appleton, former principal of the Mackenzie School of Speech and Drama, Cambridge.

'I imagine most people who come to a performance, like me, wonder how you will sustain our interest in all those characters and whether you will say anything new. You offered us a novel way of looking at the passion which was gripping and provocative.'
Rev. Rob Hufton.